Town Council


Council Members

Darla Harding
Office  (828) 765-2068

Rocky Buchanan
Council Member
Office (828) 765-6298
Mobile  (828) 765-6600

James Acuff
Council Member
Office (828) 765-4779

Larry McKinney
Council Member
Office (828) 467-5793

Jackie Rensink
Council Member
Mobile (828) 467-4344

Richard Canipe
Town Manager
Office (828) 765-3000
Mobile (828) 766-6915

The Town of Spruce Pine operates under a council-manager form of government. The town council consists of four council members and a voting mayor. The council-manager form is the system of local government that combines the strong political leadership of elected officials in the form of a governing body, with the strong managerial experience of an appointed local government manager. The governing body, commonly known as the council, may also be referred to as the commission of the board. This legislative body establishes the policies for the town.

The town council currently meets twice per month on the second and fourth Monday of each month.

The Town Manager is the CEO of the Town’s government and is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the Town. When the Council makes a decision on an ordinance, law, or policy, the Town Manager is responsible for implementing those policies.


Role of Town Council

Appoint Town Manager

Establish City Policy

Legislative Body

Approve Budget


2016 Meeting Minutes

Spruce Pine Town Council Meeting MinutesDownload Dates in .pdf